10 Key Things I’ve learned About Marriage

Saturday marked 10 years since the day I vowed to walk through life committed to Brian. I was 32 years old that day and after 5 years of dating him, I assumed that I was as prepared as anyone could be. But you can never know then what you know now. I have learned countless … Continue reading 10 Key Things I’ve learned About Marriage


The One Thing Every Good Dad Needs

I grew up with a dedicated father and I know what a gift that is. He miraculously figured out how to "dad" well, even though he only met his own father once and had no example to follow. And of course he isn't a perfect father (as no man is) but he is a great one. … Continue reading The One Thing Every Good Dad Needs

Glimpses of Light

I was talking with a friend recently about this season of parenting small kids. She said that her husband refers to it as "The Dark Ages." And yes, he loves his life and his wife and his babies, but I know what he means. These are some dark times. The Dark Ages lacked intellectual enlightenment (I … Continue reading Glimpses of Light


After Dinner Walk

One of my favorite past times is the After Dinner Walk. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, an hour- whatever we can pull off. Nothing beats getting out the door to roam around the neighborhood on foot. So much good in there. Being present, working off some of that meal, the beauty of the outdoors, space to … Continue reading After Dinner Walk


Diamond in the Rough

I used to be sharp. Really I was. I could remember most things, I contributed intellingenly to conversation and I could accomplish more than two tasks each day. It's somewhere in my distant memory, but I do remember (and miss) that me. I've also been looking a little rough lately. I shower less often than I go … Continue reading Diamond in the Rough


The Good Yearning

Five bunches of peonies have made their way into my house over the past two weeks. And I've been really holding back. I've mentioned my vase-collecting-flower-loving habits before, but there are certain seasons where I go hog wild. Like when peonies show up. If I don't enjoy their tight little bundles (soon to be bursting blooms) … Continue reading The Good Yearning


We Are Winning

As for chores, I don't think that mowing the lawn and doing the dishes carry the same weight. My husband mows the lawn about once a week and I do dishes for a few hours each day. He pays bills twice a month, but I do laundry always. But then I think about how he works full-time, is … Continue reading We Are Winning