When we were in pre-marital counseling (with our dear ones at betweentwotrees.org) it surfaced that I was not very sweet to Brian when he was sick. Apparently I acted sort of annoyed and put out rather than kind and concerned. So lovely of me. We were working through an exercise about "unwritten rules" in your … Continue reading Tenderness


Start There

My kids got into an argument and I'm still not really sure what about. Maybe he was the one being mean, maybe it was her, who knows. Regardless, they weren't treating each other well and it led to some yelling and crying and making a small problem into a big problem. Brian, who was fed … Continue reading Start There

10 Key Things I’ve learned About Marriage

Saturday marked 10 years since the day I vowed to walk through life committed to Brian. I was 32 years old that day and after 5 years of dating him, I assumed that I was as prepared as anyone could be. But you can never know then what you know now. I have learned countless … Continue reading 10 Key Things I’ve learned About Marriage