I am a runner.

I am a runner. And by that I mean I ran once, today, for the first time in over a year. And I am rusty. Real rusty. I can count on my fingers the number of runs I've taken in the past few years and today was especially painful/awesome. In an effort to take care … Continue reading I am a runner.


Take Care

There's nothing like a few hard years to take some glimmer out of your eyes. I'm at the "catch myself in a mirror and not recognize me" stage and I'm ready to recover a bit of what I left behind. I have been waiting for some emotional energy to put toward it and I am … Continue reading Take Care

Jumping In

Originally posted 7/30/15 I made a really important life decision when I was 15. I was at summer camp, lying on a fun island in the lake while watching people go off the rope swing. My friend Beka got up there (all fit and fabulous) and swung out, somersaulted in the air and landed perfectly … Continue reading Jumping In


Pick Me

This week marks 3 years since I starting writing here and to celebrate I am re-sharing one old post each day this week. Thank you for coming into my stories and for letting me into yours. ❤ Originally posted on 3/18/15 My 3 year old daughter is obsessed with this little game she recently made up called "kitty … Continue reading Pick Me


Salt & Light

I have always hoped to be the kind of person who infiltrates culture with good. Who lives the change I want to see. Who is not afraid of the world, but sees the beauty in what God created and helps draw that out. Something deep inside of me moves at the very words be salt and light. I want to bring … Continue reading Salt & Light


7 ways to help your kids love each other (eventually)

The other night my kids spent 20 minutes fighting over who would get to sit next to the baby at dinner. Our 9 month old daughter Poppy is especially popular right now. She is of course, the "queen of all the babies" and can do no wrong at this point in her life. I'm sure … Continue reading 7 ways to help your kids love each other (eventually)


Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part four}

Poppy is 6 months old now and we have officially been living with a spica cast for 12 weeks. She gets her final cast off in just 2 weeks. I can hardly believe it. I can't wait to snuggle her little body, give her a bath, take her for a swim, not stress about the … Continue reading Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part four}