I enjoy most people, fresh food, new places, good design, natural beauty, smart humor and kind words. I can’t help myself from celebrating (seasons, milestones, the end of a hard day, the end of a good day) and I am always on the hunt for bright spots in this life.

I grew up in Oregon, spent some years earning a B.A. in Interior Design from Seattle Pacific University and then tried my hand at rural life (and loved it) while studying at Montana Wilderness School of the Bible. I currently live in the mountains of Arizona and have dedicated the past 20 years to working in ministry with children, teenagers and families.

I am now a full-time mom and wife and although I’m tired almost all the time, I’m exactly where I want to be.

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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Stephanie,

    Finding your blog (and spending an hour here 🙂 ) has made this Wednesday a great day! You were always sunshin-ey in high school – and you’re still that way! So good to hear how you are doing. I’m so sorry for the recent loss of your baby. Jesus is holding on to you. Big hugs.

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