The Good Yearning

Five bunches of peonies have made their way into my house over the past two weeks. And I've been really holding back. I've mentioned my vase-collecting-flower-loving habits before, but there are certain seasons where I go hog wild. Like when peonies show up. If I don't enjoy their tight little bundles (soon to be bursting blooms) … Continue reading The Good Yearning


We Are Winning

As for chores, I don't think that mowing the lawn and doing the dishes carry the same weight. My husband mows the lawn about once a week and I do dishes for a few hours each day. He pays bills twice a month, but I do laundry always. But then I think about how he works full-time, is … Continue reading We Are Winning

Embrace THIS Season

The summer after I graduated from college, I attended 22 weddings. Twenty Two. There's only 14 weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I have been a bridesmaid 12 times and maybe sometimes during those wild wedding years, I felt left behind. I was anxious to walk through life with a true companion (a song we … Continue reading Embrace THIS Season