Be Part of Something Good

I love stories about people who are really making a difference. We all want to be reminded that humans can and still do incredible things. We want to know that for every tragic or evil thing we hear of, good and right are fighting back. It's energizing to see people making radical moves and thinking up innovative … Continue reading Be Part of Something Good

Backside of the Mountain

Celebrating your own birthday is one of the more exciting things in life. Yesterday my son went over some of the details he had planned for his 6th birthday, which is 9 months away. He will be Luke Skywalker, his little sister will be this robot on the Star Wars Lego video game that she has affectionatly named "Cherry Tomato" … Continue reading Backside of the Mountain

What a Hoot {Owl Themed 1st Birthday Party}

Party Planning Series Over the next few weeks I will be sharing highlights from parties I've hosted. Why? Because I believe in honoring milestones and making time to weave the golden threads of celebration into our lives. I am no professional party planner and these are not super fancy events. They are at-home get togethers with family and close friends where connection … Continue reading What a Hoot {Owl Themed 1st Birthday Party}