Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part poo}

It happened. The dreaded diaper blow-out in the spica cast. I have had multiple dreams about it and it was as bad-even worse- than I imagined. It got all over the inside of her cast and even came out one leg opening. I used 100 wipes, a few swear words, a rubber spatula from the kitchen wrapped in wipes, a blow dryer, a flashlight and a lot of help from my 4 & 6 year olds since Brian was at work. I will spare you the pictures, but I took some to send to Brian so he could “live through it” with me. I have reached a new level of parenthood today.

It sort of feels like the first time your new car gets scratched. It hurts, but you are kind of glad that it happened and it’s over. The worrying about it happening is almost worse. The bummer in this case is that it will just happen again, no matter how careful we are.

On a good day, the spica cast looks like this (to give you a reference point) and the diapering is complicated. Our current regimen is to tuck a newborn diaper into the opening and then wrap a size 5 diaper over the cast. Some people also recommended putting a poise pad or something in-between the two diapers. She would normally wear a size 2 diaper. Hoping my Costco sized box of 2’s still fit her when this party is over. cast

Thankfully, Poppy will get a new cast in two weeks. Since she is so young and growing so fast, each cast will only last 4-6 weeks. Two weeks is a long time to have traces of poop in her cast, but we don’t really have a choice. The first two weeks the cast smelled weird and medicine-y and now it smells like baby poop. Lovely times over here at the Day house.

Each time she gets a cast change (most likely 2 more) she has to go under anesthesia so she can be completely still. They will put her under, give her a bath, x-ray her hips to check progress and then apply a new cast. So needless to say, we aren’t doing that more often than necessary. Here is a video that shows the crazy process.

Back when Poppy was in the pavlik harness, people would say, “at least she doesn’t have to be in that terrible cast some kids have to have.” Now we are in that terrible cast and I feel like I’ve been inducted into some club that I never wanted to be in.

But I was reminded the other day what a gift this wretched cast is. A friend mentioned that her nephew who has Cerebral Palsy just went into a Spica cast in hopes that he will have a chance to walk someday. The world of Orthopedics, including the pavlik harness and the spica cast, can do incredible things.

This frustrating chunk of fiberglass is doing good and I will keep trying to make peace with it. Even when it gets smelly. It is holding Poppy’s hips in place while they heal and grow healthy. Sometimes it’s the things we dislike most that are doing the most good.


I should probably leave you with this…

Keeping it because…next week.  Labeling it to ensure it doesn’t get used to scrape cake batter off the mixer bowl.

poopIt has been one of my favorite kitchen tools for 10 years (got it at my bridal shower- thank you Lori) and I use it almost everyday. Time to buy a new one for the kitchen.



11 thoughts on “Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part poo}

  1. Well Stephanie, you survived another BIG Bump! Congrats , it is over and you are better prepared “if” it happens again. Thank goodness these casts need to be changed through the process!

    Love Ya, Sal

  2. Oh Stephanie,

    I am praying for you and Brian and Poppy and Harper and Sawyer every day! I wish I lived right next door to you so I could help and be in your lives daily. I am raising my parents though so I am here. I love you girl!!! – Cindy


  3. Stephanie, this is Sharon, Gretchen’s soon-to-be mother-in-law! And I have followed Poppy’s story through her for a while now. And then, I found your website! I’ve spent some time reading here, and I love your style. Your sense of humor, along with your deep faith in our Lord, is the perfect kind of mix!

    Dear sweet Poppy, what a precious girl she is! Her smile, even in the midst of all that she’s going through, well, it’s just wonderful and warms my heart. That girl is going to grow up with an indomitable spirit. (And a poopy spatula that must be *bronzed* at some point!)

    Prayers for all of you as you walk this difficult journey. Poo happens in life, but the Lord has a way of working His best in the middle of *messy* life circumstances.

    Thanks for sharing honestly – it helps all of us to know that we’re not alone in our *real* lives of challenge. I’ve been greatly encouraged here today!


    (P.S. Cannot wait to meet your entire family at the wedding!! I still have to get a dress!!)

    • Thank you so much Sharon, I’m looking forward to meeting you too! We have loved getting to know your son- he’s a gem 😊. I so appreciate you following our journey and for caring for our sweet Poppy. God Bless you!

  4. Hi. 🙂 New commenter here as your post showed up at the bottom of a friend’s post about Spica casts. My family found out last Thursday that our 19 month old girl has a hip out of socket and will need a closed reduction (or open if the closed isn’t successful) surgery and then a cast for 12 weeks. Such a shock and really, really hard to process. You are so right – a club that I never wanted to be a part of! Best of luck to you and your family and the sweet little girl as you continue on the journey.

    • Ugh. I’m so sorry Amy. Please feel free to ask questions and vent along the way. I have been meaning to put together a post highlighting some tips and things that helped us get through it. I’ll work on it. Best of luck to you too.

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