Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part one}

Two weeks ago, our 3 month old baby had hip surgery. The day went really smoothly-we were perfectly on time and organized-which isn’t always the case. But as is always the case, we were incredibly well taken care of. Our big kids went overnight to their “cuzzies” house, our dog went to “Camp Barry” (my dad’s house) and one of our closest friends brought lunch from our favorite local deli and drinks from our favorite local coffee shop. Set up for a good day.

But of course I was still anxious about a few parts of surgery day- not being able to feed her for 4 hours before, the risks of anesthesia, seeing her in recovery and ultimately not being able to make her comfortable. The day came and went and although there were really hard moments, I felt grace & mercy pour over us.

In the half hour before surgery, Poppy was hungry and getting sad that I wasn’t feeding her so Brian took her. A few minutes before the OR nurse came to get her, she fell asleep on his arm. The nurse gently took her, trying not to wake her up, and headed down the long hall to the operating room. We watched the nurse (through some tears) bobbing and swaying the whole way. She kept her asleep until the mask took over so she wouldn’t be afraid.asleep

Poppy was swollen and in pain when we got her to her room and the night ahead was rough. The doctor said that her hip socket was covered with a layer of tissue pulled tight like a drum and he had to cut an ‘X’ in it, slide the ball joint in and then suture the tendon to keep it in. Surgery was necessary and even though it’s hard to see her tiny baby self going through this, we are grateful that she got it done early.IMG_7779

Since she isn’t really used to being mobile, the adjustment to being in a spica cast has been easier than it could be. Plenty of kids (and adults) have to endure this long after they have learned to crawl and walk and are not content to lie on the floor and bat at things that make noise. But she’s still frustrated. She has had some good days, some bad days and in general is sleeping like crap. 😩

But she is the best baby. Mostly happy and smiling all the day long. Harper has been making up songs to sing to her and my favorite (and the one she sings most often) goes, “You’re the queen of all the babies. Poppy, you’re the queen of all the babies.”

But I’m so tired and in need of some strength. Every morning I’ve been listening to this collection of hymns sung by Chris Rice. I’ve been hanging on to the promises in these songs and willing my sleepy self to face the day with the strength of Jesus. The thing about music is that it dances through my mind hours and hours after I’m done listening. “Great is thy faithfulness. Morning by morning new mercies I see. All I hath needed, thy hand hath provided…”

We decided to write out some of these promises on Poppy’s cast. Brian chose a verse from Lamentations 3 (where great is thy faithfulness comes from). “For the Lord will not cast off forever, but though he cause grief, he will have compassion according to the abundance of his steadfast love.” I chose the truth from Jeremiah 29 that “His plans are to give our Poppy girl a hope and a future.” And the kids wrote that they loved her and decorated it pretty. 

One day at a time. That’s all we can ever do.

cast signing

Rocking her new tattoos

6 thoughts on “Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part one}

  1. Beautiful blog and as I have said before she will not remember this later on. For you, I think Psalms is a go to book especially Psalms 118:14-16. I am not that knowledgeable regarding the Bible but love Psalms.

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  3. Hi Stephanie
    I am writing to ask if I can use a picture of your beautiful baby in her spica cast as part of our first year medical curriculum (I am at the University of Newcastle in Australia). I like to include photos to help students think about the diseases they are learning about in terms of their effects on the people who have them.
    I see from your recent posts that your family is going through a difficult time, which I am very sorry to hear about. I hope that you all get over hump day very soon.
    Kind regards
    Mary Jane

    • Hi Mary Jane,
      Thank you for the encouragement. Yes, that would be ok to use one of her photos- is there a particular one you’d like to use? Maybe if you sent me your email I could send it to you directly. Would that work?
      Glad to be of some help to students!

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