I Still Love Mother’s Day

I still love Mother’s Day.

Even though it’s always on a Sunday and I’m married to a pastor. He has to work all day but he finds ways to make it up to me. Like getting up early to make lemon poppy seed scones from scratch.  

I still love Mother’s Day.

Even though my kids are too young to give me a “day off” and they certainly don’t get the concept of making my day easier by doing what I ask them to do and trying not to fight over dumb stuff.

I still love Mother’s Day.

Even though I’ve been struggling through 15 years of trying to live without my own mom. Her imprint on my life is astounding and she’s still doing her magic in me somehow.


I still love Mother’s Day.

Even though this week is when we expected to bring our baby boy into the world. Instead, my pregnancy came to a heartbreaking halt at 16 weeks and now we are left to remember, to mourn and to hope.View More: http://palomalisaphotography.pass.us/dayfamily-palomalisaphotography

I still love Mother’s Day. Because it’s beautiful even when it’s complicated. Today as I scrolled through so many photos of new moms, old moms, moms who have gone to heaven, grandmas getting to be with their grandkids, newborns on their mama’s chest, adoption stories, grateful dads, generations standing side by side…I was overwhelmed. In awe of how much the mother/child relationship matters. Motherhood is a hard and fragile and splendid thing. Good or bad, yours or mine- I’m glad we set aside this day to recognize it.

3 thoughts on “I Still Love Mother’s Day

  1. Beautiful once again Stephanie. Challenge – feature writer for the “Click on Carlsbad” or something similar. 🙂 Love Ya, S&J

  2. Beautiful words Stephanie.
    Makes me think of some lines from “Sovereign Over Us” by Michael W. Smith:
    “There is strength within the sorrow
    There is beauty in our tears
    And You meet us in our mourning
    With a love that casts out fear”

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