Lowering My Standards

My job description could read: Spend all day putting things back where they started. Matchbox cars, pretend food, books. Wash, dry, fold, put back. Repeat. Maintain. Keep needs met, keep everybody alive. Most of the things I do get undone again before the day is through and I rarely feel like I'm making progress. I am not … Continue reading Lowering My Standards

The Good Yearning

Five bunches of peonies have made their way into my house over the past two weeks. And I've been really holding back. I've mentioned my vase-collecting-flower-loving habits before, but there are certain seasons where I go hog wild. Like when peonies show up. If I don't enjoy their tight little bundles (soon to be bursting blooms) … Continue reading The Good Yearning

My Comfort is My #1 Priority

Our family dog is a pug named Chub. Pugs are known to be very smart but to have a low work ethic. It's true, I see him pretending he doesn't "get" the instructions. He likes creeks and hikes and walks, but he'll also feel free to find shade in the middle of the adventure and will not budge … Continue reading My Comfort is My #1 Priority

I See a White Butterfly

Last week my family and I joined 15 others for a 5 day trip into a village called Vista del Valle, east of Tijuana, Mexico to serve the people there. Together we mustered up all of our God-given gifts (that we weren't totally sure we had) and shared ourselves with this community. We painted and fixed things. … Continue reading I See a White Butterfly

Think Upon Such Things- part two

Think Upon Such Things-part one (in case you missed it) For the past few months, my kids have been wild about listening to The Jesus Storybook Bible in the car. It’s a paraphrase of scripture for kids by Sally Lloyd-Jones and is read on CD by British actor David Suche. We’ve listened to all 3 CDs at least … Continue reading Think Upon Such Things- part two