In Good Company

Having guests in our home is a habit. A very natural and very intentional habit. I grew up in a family of social people and "having company" was a way of life. My parents valued and protected time just for our family of five, but they also maintained a culture of hosting and inviting others in. We lived a mile away … Continue reading In Good Company

Think Upon Such Things- part one

Early in my childhood we had a quintessential 70s style wooden plaque on the wall near our kitchen table. It's edges were scalloped and wood burned and it had a couple of painted flowers on it. It said, "God is First, Friends are Second, We are Third." I have no idea what happened to it (probably sold … Continue reading Think Upon Such Things- part one

The Icing on the Cake

I like to celebrate. I like food and decorations and music and treats. I've been known to celebrate because it's sunny, because I'm in a great mood, because I'm in a terrible mood, because it's Wednesday. I get especially carried away with celebrating life's big events. Somewhere in the middle of the night before my … Continue reading The Icing on the Cake