Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part one}

Two weeks ago, our 3 month old baby had hip surgery. The day went really smoothly-we were perfectly on time and organized-which isn't always the case. But as is always the case, we were incredibly well taken care of. Our big kids went overnight to their "cuzzies" house, our dog went to "Camp Barry" (my … Continue reading Baby Spica Cast Adventures {part one}


But it’s gonna be hard

So the doctor said she still has to have surgery. We prayed and you prayed and still we have to face the dreaded surgery. And I am so thankful that my baby girl will be able to walk and run and twirl someday because this is available to us. But I am disappointed that God's plan … Continue reading But it’s gonna be hard

Around the Corner

I've been saying for months that as soon as our new baby arrives, things around our house should finally feel manageable again. Ridiculous, I know, but I've been pregnant for 2 years. Like an elephant. Pregnancy, loss, pregnancy, loss, pregnancy, so sick, loss, moved to a new house, pregnant, so sick, moved to a different … Continue reading Around the Corner