Think Upon Such Things- part one

Early in my childhood we had a quintessential 70s style wooden plaque on the wall near our kitchen table. It's edges were scalloped and wood burned and it had a couple of painted flowers on it. It said, "God is First, Friends are Second, We are Third." I have no idea what happened to it (probably sold … Continue reading Think Upon Such Things- part one

The Icing on the Cake

I like to celebrate. I like food and decorations and music and treats. I've been known to celebrate because it's sunny, because I'm in a great mood, because I'm in a terrible mood, because it's Wednesday. I get especially carried away with celebrating life's big events. Somewhere in the middle of the night before my … Continue reading The Icing on the Cake

Trials That Change Your Fabric

  There are trials. And then there are the trials that change your fabric. The lessons of pain and beauty become so intertwined that they’re forever joined. I wouldn't say it defines me, but this story is woven in so tightly now that I can't separate it from who I’ve become. This is my family, … Continue reading Trials That Change Your Fabric